According to Adam Mosseri, vice president of Facebook News Feed, the goal is to show the most relevant stories for users. If we see relevant content, we will get involved with Facebook for longer and use it more often.

Four key news feed factors determine what is shown: repository, indicators, predictions and overall score.

The repository is where Facebook scans all the content: the publications of your friends and family, but also the content that is outside your network.

The indicators refer to all the characteristics of a specific publication and the page that publishes it. What kind of content are your friends talking about? How long have people spent watching a post? What about the number of likes? Has anyone shared or commented on it?

Although Facebook won’t reveal the exact details of its secret formula, the indicators are the part where advertisers really should go deeper; What are the indicators of a successful post? Can we recognize any pattern? How do we increase these indicators?

After analyzing the indicators, Facebook’s predictions determine the probability that you enjoy the post. For example, if you liked all the skateboarding videos on your wall, surely you also like the following with the trick of Frontside Ollie.

All features and indicators lead to an overall score that is unique to each user. The score can resemble a school score: the higher the grade of the publication, the more likely it is to appear in your news feed.

How to increase the organic reach and beat the Facebook algorithm?

As the scope of organic publications decreased, many vendors opted for paid publications.

Advertising offers a quick solution to reach a wider audience, but it may not be a long-term solution for your brand. In the era of mobile devices, the space available for ads is limited, and fierce competition leads to a price increase.

How to increase the number of positive indicators? We have gathered six tips to help you increase the organic reach of Facebook:

  1. Create content to share
  2. Publish visual content that provokes emotions
  3. Involve your followers in content creation
  4. Create an influencer marketing campaign
  5. Publish videos
  6. Learn from the behaviour of your own personal feed
  1. Create content to share

The ultimate goal of your activity on Facebook should be to increase conversions. However, without content that can be shared and attractive, it will be difficult to increase your numbers.

The content that can be shared and the greater number of interactions will help your content to be shown more frequently in the user news. This data can be used to redirect the same content to Similar Facebook Audiences.

So what makes content shared? What are the key ingredients of the content that is shared? To answer your questions, I suggest you start with one of our 13 tips for creating content that can be shared.

  1. Publish visual content that provokes emotions

You will have seen that an image often causes more interactions and emotions than a text publication. Another quick tip to further increase the reach is to ask your audience to respond with an emoji. Facebook prioritizes the emojis of reactions over classic likes. Yes, even the angry face.

By stimulating feelings of love, joy, surprise, sadness or even anger, you are on the right path to increase your reach.

  1. Involve your followers in content creation

Many marketing professionals believe that creating a user-generated content campaign is only viable for large brands.

Actually, there aren’t many companies out there that can’t make a successful CGU campaign.

You should only follow these steps:

  • Contact your most loyal customers and create some examples of publications together. Let the content show how your customers enjoy your products and services.
  • Show posts on your site and include a call to action to encourage others to post as well.
  • Spread and share the best content on your social channels. Gather and show the feeds of your social networks also on your website.
  • Reward some of your most active and influential followers with additional products and services that further increase the value you give your customers.
  1. Create an influencer marketing campaign

Have you ever created an influencer marketing campaign? However, creating an influence marketing campaign with superstars is not the only option. Often, influencers are closer than we think, and the total number of actions in a wider community can exceed the level of commitment of a campaign with a superstar.

  1. Post videos

I know that this seems to encourage you to travel to the past and marketing conferences a few years ago, but on Facebook the video is king.

This is not just because users love videos. It’s because, together with Instagram, Facebook tries to challenge YouTube and become the most important search and consumption engine for videos. As a marketing professional, it is essential to understand the objectives of each channel to make an informed estimate of what type of content will be prioritized in the long term.

A quick note! Even if you love videos, it is recommended to publish content in different formats; use images, links, carousels, videos and all the formats that Facebook offers you. The algorithm will thank the variety.

  1. Learn from the behaviour of your own personal feed

And last but not least: log in to your personal Facebook account from time to time and analyze what type of content works best and generate more interactions within your network to discover new trends. And you are likely to notice some of the points we have seen in this post. Just keep in mind that the feed you see is unique to you.…