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Facebook: How To Know Who And How Many Followers You Have?

Posted by Steve Silva on
See My Facebook Followers

Many users are unaware of it, but on Facebook, there is a “Followers” ​​section; people who you don’t exactly have added as friends but who can see certain content on your personal profile. You can buy USA Facebook followers also for further follower growth on Facebook.

There may be nothing wrong with having Followers; most are added when you accept or send a friend request. However, there are Facebook users who can follow you without you accepting them as friends. For that reason, we share this simple tip, to have absolute control of your privacy and your personal Facebook.

How To See Who Follows You On Facebook?

The procedure is very simple. If you do it from your smartphone, you will have to open the Facebook app and go to your profile. While there, go to the “Information” section that is just below your profile picture.

In this section, you can see how many followers you have and who they are when you select it. You also have the possibility to see their profile and check if they are someone from your friend’s list or if they are a stranger.

On the other hand, if you want to check this information from your computer, you will also have to access your personal Facebook profile and go to “Friends” in the menu bar; there, you will find your followers as in the previous option.

How To Deactivate The “Followers” Function?

Considering how important privacy is in social networks, there is an alternative to disable Followers so that nobody can see your content unless you authorize it.

To do this, you have to go to Settings and choose the “Public Posts” option. Here different privacy options will appear, including those of Followers. In this way, you can configure them as “Friends Only” so that no external person sees your content.

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