In early 2018, Facebook updated Edge Rank, the algorithm by which it decides which posts are shown first. In order to get brands to do more paid campaigns, he limited the organic reach of fan pages. That is, when a brand publishes, fewer followers see it. The default scope was reduced, it’s true, but there’s more to the story behind it:

What was reduced was the reach of the publications that hardly generated interaction, rewarding those that did.

or you to understand better. When you publish content from your brand page, the scope it will have begins to be defined by the first impressions. If the first people who see the post comment or like it, Facebook continues to show it to more people. If you enjoy interaction again, it continues to grow invisible. However, if Facebook shows the post on the timeline of your followers, but few or none react to it, it will condemn it to invisibility. In the end, it is a business that lives from the content generated by its users, and it is obvious and natural that only the publications that they like are shown. This change has harmed those brands with many followers but very low interaction, rewarding those that work well.

The new objective of brands is to gain followers based on content that entertains and generates interactions. Only then can it be translated into sales.

That’s why we insist on getting quality followers over quantity.

Advantages of growing your Facebook followers base

Analyzed the reality and aware of the challenge of creating content with a hook to boost organic reach, we go with the advantages of achieving it.

Social proof

As online shoppers, we like to know that we are not the only ones. Seeing that a brand has the support of many people in the form of likes conveys confidence, thereby increasing the conversion rate of our e-commerce. It is the symptom of the empty bar that we have mentioned more times. Users like to see “atmosphere”:

  • Lots of followers.
  • Updated publications.
  • Opinions.
  • Comments and conversation in the post.
  • Shared articles.

In short, a live fan page with real followers. If you get it, you can forget about the range.


Based on a good base of followers, you can create personalized audiences to launch Facebook Ads campaigns. This is applicable on very large pages and allows you to filter people who already know us. Ads Manager itself, Facebook’s campaign manager, has an option to link ads with people who are already followers.


It is obvious that the more followers, the more reach. But beware, you already know that there is another essential requirement: the interaction generated with those followers. Before, it was a direct consequence, and people even bought fake followers, but now it is a waste of time and money.